USA Road Trip No. 1 - San Francisco to New York


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Verse 2: New York - San Francisco (by air)

Good sleep, woke early at 6.30am so we could get the 7.30am shuttle back to JFK but it left without us. No worries though as the very helpful man at the desk (from same area in India as Sharmila’s Mum) sorted it out for us so we grabbed a complimentary croissant and a coffee while we waited for the shuttle. This was out first experience of breakfast options in the USA… stacked up in the food counter was piles of sugary delight, icing covered doughnuts, chocolate buns, muffins smothered in sugar, giant croissants and endless coffee in polystyrene cups. Unfortunately the camera was buried in our bags so we couldn’t record the belt busting counter (yes, many more photos later). More snow on the ground this morning.

Flight to San Fran seemed really long although it was only 5 hours. American Airlines again, no food this time and shared entertainment rather than a personal system. It was really sunny outside as we flew over the USA, again we had aisle seats so we didn’t see much which was a shame but we checked out the view from the back next to the restrooms, which is always a little awkward when someone comes out of the loo and you’re standing right there to greet them. Hello stranger!

The whole of the US seemed to be frozen, covered in a blanket of snow and white billowing cloud. Another smooth landing and we were swiftly spewed out to luggage reclaim. Always a nervous wait after a flight transfer, ‘will my luggage get here’ – answer: Ingo – yes, Sharmila – no. Fear not, after initial cussing it transpired that Sharmila’s luggage came in on an earlier flight and was waiting at the AA office. Then on the Air Train, followed by a ride with the Bay Area Rapid Transport System (BART) into downtown San Francisco, Mission district to meet up with Aaron, our first Couchsurfing host. We will meet at the Revolution cafe. And we will also finally start shooting some photos.

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  1. Amazing! Can't wait for the next stop.